Monday - Friday / 8-4.30pm

This is an 8 week, hands-on, DIY Course which covers a range of woodworking skills and is suitable for adults of all abilities.

Course Content

  • Following an introduction to the course and the covering of any Health and Safety issues, the course will start with working safely and efficiently with the basic woodworking hand-tools, i.e. Tenon saw, chisels, planes, etc.
  • You will then practice some simple woodworking joints to enable you to make a small project which you will be able to take home.
  • For people who already have some of these skills there is enough flexibility to teach you new and accurate ways to improve existing skills, and extend the number of joints being taught, but in any case the course will be moulded to the needs of the majority of students.
  • Help and guidance is also available for other woodworking problems you might have.

Teaching and Assessment

  • This is not a formal qualification and therefore allows the individuals on the course to have more control over the content they learn, for example a forthcoming project they would like to try at home of in the future.
  • On completing the 8-week course, you will feel more confident in attempting all manner of carpentry tasks or have a much better understanding of carpentry concepts and a certificate of achievement will be awarded on completion.