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All new drivers seeking to obtain their first Category C or Category D licence need to complete an initial CPC training programme. Individuals should understand that they cannot obtain a commercial driving licence without completing this initial qualification. You’ll get a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) when you qualify. You must keep this with you when you’re driving professionally.

Initial Qualification

  • The Driver CPC initial qualification has four parts:
    1. Theory test (this includes two separate tests - multiple choice and hazard perception)
    2. Case study test
    3. Driving ability test
    4. Practical demonstration test
  • You must pass all four parts to get your Driver CPC!
  • You can book parts one and two online. You can take part one and part two in any order. You can also take part three and part four in any order. However, you must pass part one before you can take part three and pass part two before you can take part four.
  • Driver CPC affects any business or individual driver using a vocational licence for any of the following for commercial purposes:
    • LGV Class C1: 7 ½ tonne Vehicles
    • LGV Class C: Rigid Lorries
    • LGV Class C+E: Articulated Lorries
    • LGV Class C1+E: 7 ½ tonne + Trailer
    • PCV Cat D, D+E, D1, D1+E

Periodic Qualification

  • Training Terms
    • All drivers need to complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years on an ongoing basis to keep driving.
    • Periodic training is delivered through courses that drivers attend over the five-year period for which their current Driver CPC is valid. There are no pass or fail exams for these tests.
    • The minimum length of a training course is 7 hours.
    • If the course needs to be taken over the course of 5 days, then each part must take place within 24 hours of the last.
    • Each new five-year period will begin from the expiry date of the driver's current Driver CPC qualification, and not from the date on which they reached the 35 hours minimum training requirement.
    • Drivers of both PCV and LGV vehicles only need to do one set of periodic training every 5 years. On completion of the course, Induct EA will register candidates details with the DVSA, who provide a central database of training records. There is access online for drivers to check their own training records.
  • Drivers of PCV vehicles prior to 10 September 2008 had to complete their first block of 35 hours of training and have their DQC issued by 9 September 2013. The deadline to complete their second block of training is 9 September 2018.
  • Drivers of LGV vehicles prior to 10 September 2009 had to complete 35 hours of training and have their DQC issued by 9 September 2014. The deadline to complete their second block of training is 9 September 2019.
  • *All new drivers need to complete CPC Initial Training

CPC Modules

  • The 35 hours minimum CPC training is made up of the following modules and has to be completed every 5 years. Time scales are a rough estimate as some may be completed quicker than others, equalling around the 35 hours minimum training.
    • Drivers Hours (3.5 hour module)
    • The Tachograph (3.5 hour module)
    • Checks and Defects (3.5 hour module)
    • Company and Public Image (3.5 hour module)
    • Economic Driving - theory (3.5 hour module)
    • Health and Safety (3.5 hour module)
    • Licence, Weights and Dimensions (3.5 hour module)
    • Security (3.5 hour module)
    • Tiredness, Diet and Lifestyle (3.5 hour module)
    • Vulnerable Road Users (7 hour module)
    • First Aid at Work for LGV Drivers (7 hour module)
  • In order to cover all the above modules candidates would need to do the course over a period of 5 days. If candidates wish to do a few modules at a time they can do so, however the minimum length of training is 7 hours over a 24 hour period.
  • Pricing is as follows:
    • 1 day course £75 + VAT and upload fee of £8.75
    • 2 day course £150 + VAT and upload fee of £17.50
    • 3 day course £225 + VAT and upload fee of £26.25
    • 4 day course £300 + VAT and upload fee of £35
    • 5 day course £375 + VAT and upload fee of £43.75