Monday - Friday / 9-5pm

CPCS A40: Slinger/Signaller

This course has been created for experienced or semi-experienced people wanting to gain entry into the lifting industry through the role of a slinger/signaller. The course is ideal for those that have no formal qualifications.

Course Content

  • Learn how to establish the weight and dimensions of various loads and effectively communicate this information to crane operators.

  • Selection of appropriate lifting tackle and demonstrate how to attach and detach it correctly and safely.

  • Use clear and concise signals to direct the actions of a crane that is moving loads of different weights and dimensions. 

  • Determine the serviceability of lifting accessories, how to maintain then and the correct storage procedures. 

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Teaching and Assessment

  • The course is 3 days made up of classroom-based tutorials and practical exercises, followed by a 1 day assessment

  • Various cards available please call for details

Entry Requirements

  • For CPCS Testing, the CITB Health, safety and environment test must have been passed no more than two years before the course start date.

  • Good understanding of spoken and written English.