Monday - Friday / 9-5pm

CPCS A17: Telescopic Handler

This course is for people with limited or no experience who want to learn to operate a telescopic handler.

Course Content

  • Operate the machine safely and effectively for all normal tasks.

  • Make decisions whether a particular load is safe to lift or not.

  • Carry out routine servicing procedures and maintenance as necessary, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Know how the Telescopic Machine works and the maintenance requirements involved.

  • Understand the effects load, size, weight, gradients and ground conditions have upon the stability of the machine.

  • Know how to load, store and transport  materials correctly.

  • Understand the basic construction and use of pallets.


Teaching and Assessment

  • This course is 3 days taught through classroom-based and practical exercises, followed by a 1 day assessment.

  • Various cards available including in-house, please call for details!

Entry Requirements

  • For CPCS Testing, the CITB Health, safety and environment test must have been passed no more than two years before the course start date.

  • Good understanding of spoken and written English.